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Headaches Treatment in Mount Dora, FL

Headaches Conditions Treatment Chiropractor Mount Dora, FL

Unfortunately, headaches are a very common health complaint, with over half the population reporting headaches every year and 4% of the world’s population suffering from headaches for 15 or more days every month! Even more concerning is that headaches are the 6th leading cause of disability globally. There can be many causes of headaches—such as an underlying medical condition (high blood pressure, infection, hormonal), environmental exposure (weather, allergies, chemical or food sensitivities), emotional stress (worry, anxiety, depression), or structural/mechanical (spinal misalignment, nerve irritation, poor posture).

Our office focuses mainly on the structural aspect, but we can certainly advise you with lifestyle changes and resources for the other possible causes. If you have already ruled out medical or other causes, there’s a high likelihood that you may have a structural issue that would be best handled by a great chiropractor—especially if you’ve had any history of traumas such as car accidents, sports injuries, or even repetitive postural positions (desk/computer work). If you have a structural cause, no amount of medications or stretches will solve your problem—if you’re reading this, you’ve likely already come to this conclusion. But don’t worry, there’s hope!

Please know that headaches are common, but NOT NORMAL. Any symptoms (which is what a headache is) are your body’s intelligent way of letting you know something is wrong and needs to be addressed. As with any health challenge, the first objective needs to be finding where the problem originates—the root cause (hint: it’s not a Tylenol deficiency). If your headaches originate from your spine not functioning correctly or being out of alignment, they will not go away until you’ve addressed that. This is what chiropractors specialize in. Again, it is essential to find the root cause of the problem—spinal joints, disc, ligament damage, muscles, all the above, or something else.

How We Treat Headaches in Mount Dora, FL

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

The doctor and team will first do a consultation and preliminary evaluation (complimentary) to ensure you’re in the right place and that we believe we can help you. If we can help, we’ll dive deeper into your condition and how it affects your life. Once we understand you clearly, we’ll thoroughly examine your spine and nervous system utilizing chiropractic, functional, and neurologic testing to find the root cause of the problem(s).

CBCT (3D Panoramic X-ray) and Motion Study X-rays

Once we’ve determined that you are a good candidate for care and we can help you, we will likely need to take precise forms of imaging to pinpoint the problem (unless you are pregnant). We want to get a good look at the curve of the spine, the alignment (or lack thereof), any degenerative changes, possible contraindications to care, and ultimately, find out EXACTLY what we need to help you get better!

Specific Chiropractic Care in Mount Dora, FL

Our family-oriented practice in Mount Dora provides a very specific and unique form of chiropractic care that is precise, extremely effective, and very gentle. In fact, there is no twisting or “cracking” of your neck. Utilizing a form of care known as Blair Upper Cervical, which focuses on the top two bones in the neck, where your head and neck come together, tends to yield uncommon results due to the neurological influence of this critical area of your spine. We add a supportive type of adjusting for the rest of your spine known as TRT (Torque Release Technique). This is also a precise and effective yet gentle instrument-based technique that tends to yield excellent results.

When the joints of your spine are misaligned, it puts pressure on the joints and, more importantly, on your nervous system. A misalignment—known as a subluxation—may cause pain and can affect your global health. The goal of your specific adjustments is to reduce the subluxations, taking pressure off your spine and nervous system so that your body can self-heal the way it was created to.

Neck Pain Headaches Conditions Treatment Chiropractor Mount Dora, FL

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

Depending on your particular case, we will design a custom rehab/exercise plan to help you recover quicker and, most importantly, attain lasting results. Your unique exercise plan aims to help restore global spinal imbalances, address muscle weakness, and improve your posture. We want to keep it simple—you can do it at home in very little time.

Common Types of Headaches in Mount Dora, FL

Tension Headaches

They are generally a diffuse, mild to moderate pain that feels like a tight band around your head. Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches caused by muscle tightness, trigger points, and spinal dysfunction.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are typically characterized by severe, pulsating pain on one side of the head, although it can also occur on both sides. Migraines are often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound or smells, and visual disturbances.
Migraine headaches can be caused by changes in the brain and nervous system, triggered by a variety of factors, including:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Certain foods or food additives
  • Lack of sleep or changes in sleep patterns
  • Exposure to bright or flashing lights
  • Changes in weather or barometric pressure
  • Strong odors or perfumes

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are a type of headache characterized by severe pain that is typically localized to one side of the head and eye. They are called “cluster” headaches because they often occur in cycles, with frequent attacks happening over several weeks or months, followed by periods of remission. The pain associated with cluster headaches is usually described as a sharp, burning, or piercing sensation that can be extremely intense.

Cervicogenic Headache

A cervicogenic headache originates from the neck or cervical spine. It is caused by a problem in the neck joints or muscles, and the pain often refers to the head. Cervicogenic headaches are different from tension headaches or migraines because they are caused by neck problems rather than muscular tension or blood vessel abnormalities in the brain.

Whiplash Headache

Whiplash headaches occur after a neck injury, such as a car accident or sports injury, where the head is suddenly and forcefully jerked back and forth. It is thought to be caused by damage or injury to the soft tissues in the neck, including muscles, ligaments, and nerves, which can lead to pain and inflammation in the head. Chiropractic care can help improve range of motion in the neck, strengthen neck muscles, and correct posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a massage or chiropractic better for headaches?

Both are great but serve different purposes. Massage primarily focuses on the soft tissues (muscles, fascia), improving circulation, and reducing stress, whereas chiropractic focuses on the neuro-structural system (the spinal joints and adjacent nerves). Because a chiropractic adjustment affects the nervous system, it will also directly affect muscle tension and vasculature. Massage is a wonderful compliment to chiropractic care, but not a replacement for it.

When should you see a chiropractor for headaches?

If you have unresolved headaches that haven’t responded to other treatments and have ruled out any underlying medical condition (high blood pressure, vision strain, etc.), getting a proper chiropractic spinal evaluation would be prudent. Also, if you have accompanying neck, upper back, or shoulder pain or muscle tension, these are red flags for spinal/structural issues best addressed by a great chiropractor. If you’ve already been to a “traditional chiropractor” and haven’t found lasting results, you may have an overlooked misalignment in the upper neck—this is where Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic shines. Post-graduate training and special imaging are required to properly analyze and correct this misalignment in the upper neck.

How can I relieve my headaches?

Well, there’s a difference between relief and resolution. For temporary relief, there are always pain meds—but you and I know that’s not a great long-term viable solution. Relief will also largely depend on the type of headache (e.g., tension vs. migraine). Tension headaches may respond to hot/cold packs, rest, increased hydration, and massage. Migraines may have more complicated causes, such as blood-vascular issues or sensitivities to foods or other environmental stimulants. Generally, migraines require a quiet, dark room to lie down and rest. Hot/cold packs and hydration will help as well.

Can getting your neck adjusted by a chiropractor help with headaches?

Certainly, IF the cause of the headaches has a neuro-structural component. (Hint: most do). The best advice is to get a detailed spinal evaluation by your chiropractor to find out if they can help, or at least rule it out and get direction for your next step in finding a solution.

Is chiropractic effective for migraines?

The short answer is a resounding YES! Here at Mount Dora Family Chiropractic, we’ve historically had great success in helping those suffering from headaches and migraines. Whether at our center or elsewhere, we’d strongly encourage you to get an evaluation to see if chiropractic can help.

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