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3 Best Vertigo Exercises in Mount Dora, FL

By September 24, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments4 min read

3 Best Vertigo Exercises | Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Vertigo in Mount Dora, FL

Hello again, I’m Dr. Todd with Mount Dora Family Chiropractic. Today we’re gonna talk about three best vertigo exercises that may help with relief. So we’re certainly not promising a cure-all, but this is what can you be doing at home to help stabilize the situation, okay? Again, if you or someone you care about is suffering from vertigo, this can be very disruptive to your life and your lifestyle, prohibiting you from doing things that you love to. So we really want to talk about, what can I be doing at home to help facilitate healing, and reducing my symptomatology?

Chin Retraction

So I’ve got three exercises here, but this would be a good start. The first one is chin retraction. So with that, just as the name implies, we don’t want to be doing a lot of rotational things. That can obviously set off the dizziness and vertigo symptoms. So we’re going to start with good posture. Then nice and soft, we’re going to elevate the chin to 30 to 45 degrees or so. Then you’re going to protract the chin out, and then retract back. Okay, out and back, you want to do somewhere between 10 or up to 20 repetitions per your comfort level. So again, you’re gonna have to use your best judgment, and if it’s irritating, obviously stop. What we want is to get that motion and get some healthy motion through the joints. This helps stabilize the vertebrae through exercising the postural muscles, and really gets some of that range of motion back into the spine.

Range of Motion Isometrics

Okay, the other exercise here is isometric. So this is kind of a range of motion isometrics. There’s really two ways you can do it and we’re trying to avoid any quick rotations or up and down. So we’re going to use isometrics. So one is, we’re going to place the hand on the left side of the face, and then I’m just going to rotate my head, now with a ton of force. Just give it some rotation into the resistance. I’m going to be working the musculature along that left side of the neck, holding for 10 to 15 seconds. Then do the same thing on the opposite side with light resistance holding for 10 to 15 seconds. Then we’re going to do a version of flexion where we’re just pushing down to my hand. Then we can do it out to the back extending back with resistance.

Brandt Daroff exercise

The last exercise here is called the Brandt Daroff exercise. Simply put, we’re trying to get the body used to this through repetitive moving. If there are crystals in the ear, as an adjunct to the Epley maneuver, this may help as well. This is just retraining the vestibular system and gets used to repetitive motion. So one is, as this picture would allude to, you’re going to turn your head to the right and be sitting probably on the edge of your bed. You’re going to turn your head to the right, and then quickly lay yourself down on your side and bring your feet up. So you’d be positioned kinda like this on the side, looking up towards the ceiling, okay, and you’re gonna hold that position for 30 seconds.

How We Help at Mt. Dora

So if you’ve done some of these best vertigo exercises things and been doing what you can do at home, maybe you’ve been to other health professionals, you’ve been to the ear, nose and throat doctor, etc. Nobody’s having the answers for you… We’d encourage you to get a checkup. We look primarily for misalignments in the upper neck, which has a close proximity and can influence the Vestibular Nucleus, which is processing all your spatial awareness.

So if you have any questions, please reach out to us, we’d love to try to help! If you’re in another state even, or somewhere far away, we can try to find someone who understands all this and refer you. So we hope you got something out of that today. Have a blessed day!

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