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How Mt. Dora Family Chiropractic Fixes Pinched Nerves in Mt. Dora, FL

By September 29, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments5 min read

How Mt. Dora Family Chiropractic Fixes Pinched Nerves | Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Mt. Dora, FL

Hey, thanks for tuning in Dr. Todd here at Mountain Dora Family Chiropractic. In this video, we’re talking about what we do in this office that fixes pinched nerves.

New Patient Exams

We’re going to start all of our patients with a comprehensive exam. The very beginning of that the first good chunk of it is really sitting down with you, getting to know you, getting to know your history, what you’ve been through because we want to make sure you’re in the right place to begin with. Assuming we believe that we can help you then we’ll continue with more of examination and testing. So obviously, we’re going to do chiropractic examinations and tests, orthopedic tests, and neurologic tests as well. With a neurological test we’ll use some really fantastic technology to actually scan your nervous system looking for stress and imbalance.

Precise Imaging

We’re gonna do some very precise imaging. So the reality is if we can’t see it, we’re guessing, right? We want to know, exactly where the problem is and if you’ve got a subluxation or misalignment? Where is it subluxated? How is it subluxated? Is there damage or degeneration that we should know about? Are there any contraindications to care? Do we need to refer you somewhere to a specialist or more advanced imaging? We just need to have that information so we can take the best care of you possible. That’s just to give you an idea of the imaging that we’ll go through here. But what we do that’s really critical, aside from assessing the joint health, is we’re going to do motion studies. This consists of looking up looking down, how’s the spine moving, the biomechanics are other indications of ligament damage from previous trauma, we want to know about that.

CBCT Scans

Then we also look at CBCT, a 3d panoramic X ray. So these are JPEG shots of this patient’s spine. These are looking from the left side so we can see all the joints here. We can even look and assess the TMJ joints and so on, all the anatomy in there is critical. So we can get very precise care once we know exactly what’s going on. There’s some more images there, we’re looking at different angles to find misalignments and damage. Okay, and you’ll just click through, you’ll see a bunch of different angles and things. So we take a very in depth look at the spine, which tells us a great deal of information about the mechanics, because usually it’s a biomechanical failure to begin with, which we call a subluxation. Over time those are going to irritate the joints, create inflammation, irritate the nerve, and then we start getting those symptoms of pinched nerves, also known as cervical radiculopathy.

Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments

Okay, you can also have that in the lower back known as lumbar radiculopathy, where it’s coming down into the leg. You’ve probably heard this referred to as sciatica. The next thing we’re going to do is, once we know exactly where your misalignment is, we’re going to tailor a care plan for you. So in our office, we utilize an upper cervical specific technique known as the Blair technique. We got more videos about that on our website, you can look up Blair, and get more information. We are one of a handful of doctors in the entire state that practices this technique because it’s very advanced, and has a profound effect on the spine in the nervous system. We use other supportive techniques below the upper neck as well.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Then once we’ve done that, we also want to give you some home rehabilitative exercises and therapies because obviously, you’re going to go back out into the world and maybe your spine or surrounding muscles and tissues have been deconditioned. This will get and keep you strong and stable, so that you don’t keep having the same problems over time. We want to help you get well and stay well. That’s the ultimate idea. If this makes sense to you, and you’ve been suffering or someone you love has been suffering, what we like to do also is a complimentary consultation. So you can call our office, and I will schedule that for you and we sit down have a chat.

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Mount Dora Family Chiropractic

Mount Dora Family Chiropractic is unique to central Florida, often attracting clients from hours away. We provide a very specialized form of Chiropractic care known as Upper Cervical Specific (Blair Technique) in combination with very gentle neurologically-based supportive care.

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