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How To Tell If I’m Having A Migraine in Mount Dora, FL

By September 27, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments3 min read

How To Tell If I’m Having A Migraine | Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Mount Dora, FL

Hello, I’m Dr. Todd with Mount Dora Family Chiropractic. Today we are going to help answer “how to tell if I’m having a migraine”. By doing this, we need to try to figure out what kind of headaches you are you having. A lot of people aren’t sure if they’re having a migraine, or if it’s a bad tension headache, there’s also thing called cluster headaches and sinus headaches, those are the most common types.

Symptoms of Migraines

So to figure out if you have a migraine headache, these are some of the most common things you will notice. First, I want to kind of quickly go through these with you because if you’re having migraines, often, you know that they can be excruciating, debilitating, and really interrupt your quality of life. Migraines can make you miss out on family events, missing work, things of that nature that will really keep you trapped at home or in bed. So let’s kind of go through that really quickly. Number one, the pain is typically one sided, and it’s usually a pulsating or throbbing type pain. Oftentimes it’ll be behind one eye. So it’s typically one sided, can be both, but most of the time one sided and a lot of eye pain. All right, physical activity will tend to either bring on a migraine or make one worse if you feel one coming on. So there’s also migraines with an aura, and that’s when you start seeing little lights or scintillating lights and flashes and things like that as well. Lights and loud noises are going to be very aggravating and provocative to a migraine headache.

How To Treat a Migraine

Over the counter medications typically have have little effect, especially if you’re already having a migraine. Sometimes there’s over the counter migraine medications can hedge it. If you feel one coming on or you’re getting an aura it can kind of slow down or stop it from starting. Of course there are also prescription medications, Neurotech, Imitrex, and Moltox, things like that. Again, most people don’t like to have to take medication because they all have side effects. Then rest and sleep. All right, that is typically if you’re having a migraine, most sufferers, nothing really helps until they lay down in a dark and quiet room and just sleep it off. Which for some people can be hours and some people it’s a full day. So it just wipes out their whole day. And sadly, headaches are the number six cause of disability worldwide. So one in four houses are impacted by chronic headaches and migraines. So this is how to differentiate if you have a migraine. If you’re concerned or you’re not sure, obviously seek your doctor or we’re happy to help as well.

If you’d like a consultation, we can help you figure it out! If you have any questions, give us a call and we look forward to talk to you!

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