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How to Tell Which Type of Headache You Have in Mount Dora, FL

By September 18, 2023October 23rd, 2023No Comments3 min read

How to Tell Which Type of Headache I Have | Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Headaches in Mount Dora, FL

Hey there just wanted to discuss the three types of headaches that you may have and kind of how to discern what kind of headache you might be suffering from or loved one. What I have a list of the three most common types of headaches, but I wanted to focus on these because this would probably cover about 95% of the people. So let’s examine how to tell which type of headache you have .

The Migraine Headache

Number one on the list here is migraines. Migraines can be very debilitating, if your loved one is suffering from migraines you know firsthand. For a migraine, the symptoms are typically one sided. It’ll be a deep pain that can come behind the eye and they can really be so debilitating. They can cause nausea and vomiting and really take the person out of commission for a period of time. Often there’s light and noise sensitivity. So folks who are suffering from migraines, they want to go lay down in a very dark, quiet room, and often maybe resort to medications. So that would be a migraine, and that can have a neurological root. Often there’s a blood vascular issue or component as well. There could be other things that can cause migraines such as irritations, exposure to chemicals or certain smells, there can be numerous triggers. In our office, we’re going to be looking for neuro-structural issues, and even blood vascular or cerebral spinal fluid flow, obstruction that may lead to migraines.

The Sinus Headache

The other type of headache that’s fairly common are sinus headaches. Obviously those who are suffering from these typically notice their headaches around the change of seasons, generally moving into winter or cold weather. With the change of seasons in the spring our allergies may be a factor, right? In sinus headaches, the symptoms are of course going to be around the eyes, and they’re really deep. It’s a pressure deep inside the head, maybe down into the cheekbones, and it can also be bad enough to be debilitating as well. For those who have complicating issues, maybe the sinuses aren’t draining properly, they are suffering quite chronically.

The Tension Headache

The most common type of headache would be the tension headache. Now, that’s usually associated with neck stiffness, tightness up around the shoulders and the upper back, right? We see this a lot with people that work with computers and desks or students, you know, with that forward head posture. Being on a computer or looking down at phones a lot, we’re just getting a constant pulling and tension. And those types of headaches, generally start around the base of the skull and can move around to the front. Sometimes people will get a tension headache, and if it’s bad enough, it will actually trigger a migraine. Okay, so those are the three most common types of headaches and unfortunately, headaches are just one of those things.

So if you’re suffering from headaches, we would certainly encourage you to come see if we can help you get some relief!

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