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Meet Todd Gignac D.C.

Todd Gignac D.C.


Dr. Todd is passionate about Chiropractic, and more so about helping his fellow man live a better life—a purposeful life—through greater health and vitality. His strong desire to serve and equip the people in his community to transform their lives is second only to his faith and family.

He is known by his peers within the Chiropractic profession for his inspirational health talks where he educates and empowers his community to make healthier choices for a better life. In recent years he has been called upon to take more of a leadership role within the profession to share his passion and secrets for success.

Todd was born and raised in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida where he attended Lake Brantley High School. His undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Florida where he received a B.S. degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences. In 1998 Todd traveled to the west coast to attend Chiropractic college in Los Angeles where he graduated with honors in 2002. One week after graduation he married his beautiful wife, moved into her small beach shack, and immediately set to work building his first practice. Dr. Todd began his Chiropractic career in Carlsbad, California where he was the proprietor of his Chiropractic practice for 7 years. During this time, he and his wife Carolina, had two daughters Tianna and Bella.

In 2009 Todd and Carolina felt a call for adventure and began to explore the possibility of relocating their family to Australia. Dr. Todd was quickly recruited to practice Chiropractic in a regional community near the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia. After 3 exciting years of employment, Dr. Todd felt that he wanted to begin his own business again. Todd purchased an existing practice and moved his family to South Australia. Two years later he sold the practice, purchased a travel trailer, and took his family on an adventure of traveling and exploring central Australia (“the outback”).

Realizing that Queensland was where they wanted to be, in 2015 they soon settled in a small regional town and decided to build a Chiropractic practice from scratch with the intention of creating a completely unique family wellness center. Dr. Todd was seen as such a well-loved, caring, effective and knowledgeable practitioner, that his practice boomed in record time. His success was the result of a lot of hard work, a great reputation, referrals, and community involvement.

Throughout the past couple of years, while living in Australia, Todd’s father has unfortunately been suffering from declining health. After prayerfully considering their options, an opportunity arose to sell the practice. They decided to accept and relocate their family back to Todd’s birthplace of Central Florida to be near to those that mean the most – family.

The Gignac family moved back to the USA on 27 June 2020. For the past several months Todd and his family have been traveling throughout America, showing their teen daughters first-hand how beautiful and majestic their home country is. Now in Florida, Dr. Todd desires to put roots down in his hometown area and be close to family. The Mount Dora area is attractive to the Gignac family as they are looking for an area that has a small-town feel, a good Christian school for their daughters, while being only a 45-minute drive to Grandma and Grandpa. Dr. Todd hopes to continue a legacy of service for years to come that will have a lasting positive impact on the local community.

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